Aquaplore 3S

All in One, One for All

Aquaplore 3S is designed in a flexible modular architecture, and can easily meet the variations of feed water quality and large volume ultra-pure water on demand, and provide consistent ultrapure water quality compliance and economically. Suitable for multi user scenarios .avoiding additional expenditure when demand changes. One system can be easily adjusted, to your different needs. No other system can be so perfect to meet the needs of your team.

With Aquapore 3S you can ...

  • Track your individual user's usage history with a password login.

  • Reduces the cost of ultrapure water with Large processing capacity ofpurification integrated unit.

  • With modular architecture designAquaplore 3S can adapt to any change of feed water quality and usage amount without procuring new equipment.

  • Potable UPW water tank solve the constraints in multi-laboratory usage.

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Single/Multi-User Scenario

  • Forget about notes and pencils, thesecure password protected access provides for multiple users to operate the same system with independent log entry and automatic records are made. Switch between single/multi-user modes dependent on your scenario. Account management can be no easier.

  Multifunctional Purification Honeycomb Module(Patented)

  • The integrated structural design, gives the smallest volume to provide more purification capacity than traditional individual structural design, effectively reducing the frequency of replacement of supplies and running costs.

  • Different functional modules can be freely fixed according to the different needs of use, easily adapted to meet all your applicationswithout procuring additional equipment, allowing you more freedom with your research budget.

  Unique DP-RO Reverse Osmosis Technology


  • The patented DP-RO technology is capable of intercepting more than 99.5% of contamination and coping with the different feed water variations. By ensuring production of reliable ISO Grade III water from tap water with conductivity lower than 1000μS/cm. DP-RO technology greatly improves the procurement and operating cost compared with EDI technology in Lab water systems, and allows the extension of the system’s endurance to adapt the quality variations from city water sources.

  Portable UPW Tank Dispensing

  • Solves the problem of a separate dispensing device which creates the risk of contamination from pipelines and distance limitations. Especially suitable for multi-laboratory usage.

  • Portable ultra-pure water tank with patented hydrophobic multi-media breathing device to prevent particles, bacteria and volatile organic gas pollution to ensure the purity of water during your operations.

  • Ergonomic Handle, easy to move and freedom to put tank where required.

Product Water Specifications
Resistivity(25° C)
< 1-3 ppb*
< 0.1 CFU/ml*
Pyrogens (Endotoxin)
< 0.001 EU/ml*
Particle(>0.2 μm)
< 1/ml
Heavy Metal Ions
≤ 0.1 ppb
< 3ppb
Ultrapurification Capacity
10,000 L / 20,000 L / 30,000 L
Dispense Flow Rate
2.0 L/min (max)
Volumetric Dispensing Range

Any integer with accuracy of ±2 ml (< 500 ml) or 1% (≥ 500 ml)

*Equipped with UV lamp and Pyroguard

Conductivity(25° C)
1-5 μS/cm
DP-RO Producing Rate
5, 10, 20 L/h
Feed Water Recovery Rate
Dispense Flow Rate
2.0 L/min (max)
Volumetric Dispensing Range
Any integer with accuracy of ±2 ml (< 500 ml) or 1% (≥ 500 ml)

Feed Water Requirement
Potable Tap Water Feed
Flow Rate
≥ 50 L/h
≥ 450 ppm
< 1000 μS/cm
< 1000 ppb
1-5 Kg
5-35 °C
< 3 ppm

System Specification
550 H x 420 W x 550 D (mm)
Dry Weight
30 Kg
Input Power Supply
100-240 VAC ±10%,50-60 Hz
System Voltage
24V DC
300 VA
5 Amp
Noise Level
< 50 dBA