Industry Dynamics

 Reverseosmosis (RO) stage plays a critical role in purification process. Permeate ofRO stage not only supplies purified water for non-critical applications, butalso affects performance of ultrapurification stage. To ensure reliableand consist purity of RO permeate, DPRO technology is introduced to replacetraditional single stage RO process. It comes with following advantages foryour system:

1.      Greatly reduce purity inconsistencyintroduced from feed water variation.

In general, most users start their purificationprocesswith tap water. The purity of tap water, however, changes due to varietyof reasons, and consequentlyaffect consistency of permeate produced by singlestage RO unit. In contrast, the DPRO technologyis capable of increasingrejection rate of contaminant to more than 99.5%, and eliminating mostcontaminant in permeate, therefore reduced variation of water purity andproduced consistent ISO grade III pure water which requires conductivity to belower than 5 μS/cm

2.      Increase utilization of feed water.

The feedwater utilization ratio, or Recovery in short, indicates how much permeate yourRO system can producefrom yourtap water volume. Traditional single stage ROsystem usually has limitedrecovery, usually lower than 30%, to ensure a higherpurity of permeate. DPRO technology, however, applies a compoundedconfiguration, which can increase recoveryto more than 60% while keeping requiredwater purity. It reduces not only your water consumption, but also pretreatmentexhaustion, since the water volume need to be processed is lower.

3.      Prolong life span of ultrapurification unit.

The higherquality of pre-purified water entering ultrapurification unit means the fewercontaminant the unit has to process. DPRO can produce pre-purified water withhigher and more reliable quality, thus lower unit burden as well as protectingit from unqualified feed.Since the ultrapurification unit is usuallyresponsible for major consumable cost, DPRO can therefore effectively reduceyour cost of ultrapure water.

Insummary, the DPRO becomes a merging technology to provide a better solution foryour ultrapurification system and very likely be the new fundamental process infuture.


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