Industry Dynamics

According to CLSI guidance, there are somegeneral concepts for all types of water for clinical and laboratory usage thatneeded to be considered:

l  Theproduct water meeting a set specification must be validated as fit for purposefor each laboratory procedure in which it is to be used.

l  Thesystem producing purified water must be validated to meet the user requirementsspecification.

l  Regularmonitoring and trending of appropriate measured parameters must be carried outand documented to verify that water purification technologies and systems areworking effectively.

l  Proceduresmust be established for system maintenance to keep the system in conformancewith water purity specifications.

The intelligent management system of ournew generation systems is designed to automatically and completely monitor allpurification stage and collect essential parameter. With these complete datarecords, you now have total control of your purification process and ensure yourultrapure water can be completely qualified.  

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