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Our ultrapure water system is required for every analytical application. Our major customers are analytical labs, research labs, and clinical labs.In these fields, R&D departments, QC labs, and examination facilities are our primary clients. We are looking for distributors, agents, or sales representatives that have sales capability and account manage , with the promotion  of our newly launched 3rd generation ultrapure/water system, Aquaplore®, in the International markets gives a unique opportunity for success

Quality,Economy, Flexibility by Design. The 3rd generation Purified & Ultra Pure Water system being launched by AIC in the International markets. AIC WATERS unique innovation will completely solve your requirement for laboratory water.

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Global Role out Pgrarom

Phase one: India, Thailand,Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, UK, Italy, Russia, and Spain.

Commencement last quarter 2018.

Phase two to be confirmed for 2019.

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Global Business Director

Franchises across the Globe development and expansion from one continent to the next.

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Training Schedule

Head office training dates

2016 to 2019

Country Training Locations

Italy, Thailand, India, USA,UK, 2016-2019

For more details please Contact your Account Manager Directly Due to possible location changes. Moredates to follow after confirmation