Aquaplore DURO

The easiest Grade III water supply solution

Aquaplore DURO uses tap water as feed water, and produces reliable pure water in accordance with the standard of the ISO 3696 Grade III water specifications. The unique DP-RO technology can effectively improve the water recovery ratio, reducing the cost of purification, while avoiding the impact of feed water quality changes. This series of products are suitable for large volumes applications (Aging Test; Ultra-Sonic washing…etc.) and general teaching purposes.

With Aquapore DURO you can ...

  • Save your cost by producing reliable ISO grade III water for non-critical applications with unique DP-RO technology.

  • Potable water tank solve the constraints in multi-laboratory usage.

  • Choose a convenient rinse mode to quickly clean a variety of laboratory vessels.

  • Track your individual user's usage history with a password login.            

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Unique DP-RO Reverse Osmosis Technology


  • The patented DP-RO technology is capable of intercepting more than 99.5% of contamination and coping with the different feed water variations. By ensuring production of reliable ISO Grade III water from tap water with conductivity lower than 1000μS/cm. DP-RO technology greatly improves the procurement and operating cost compared with EDI technology in Lab water systems, and allows the extension of the system’s endurance to adapt the quality variations from city water sources.

Multiple Dispensing Options

  • Precision Dispensing for small volume less than 2ml, no calibrated flasks required for dispensing by manual operations(eyes and hands free).

  • Repetitive Dispensing..Quantities can be arbitrarily set in ml units, and the “ Aquadispense™”   remembers multiple groups of commonly used water quantities. So you can rapidly access multiple bottles of the same volume of water, saving you from the repetitive work .Quick and Efficient.

  • Large Volume Dispensing..utomatically dispensed saving you down time.

  Pre- Booking Dispensing Mode

  • Pre-set dispensing time, the next day you can obtain fresh ultrapure water at the exact time you require. No down time.

  Single/Multi-User Scenario

  • Forget about notes and pencils, the password protected access provides for multiple users to operate the same system with independent log entry and automatic records are made. Switch between single/multi-user modes dependent on your scenario. Account management can be no easier.

Product Water Specifications

Conductivity (25° C)
1-5 μS/cm
DP-RO Producing Rate
5, 10, 20 L/h
Feed Water Recovery Rate
Dispense Flow Rate
2.0 L/min (max)
Volumetric Dispensing Range
Any integer with accuracy of ±2 ml (< 500 ml) or 1% (≥ 500 ml)
< 3ppb

Feed Water Requirement
Potable Tap Water Feed
Flow Rate
≥ 50 L/h
≥ 450 ppm
< 2000 μS/cm
< 2000 ppb
1-5 Kg
5-35 °C
< 1 ppm

System Specification
625 H x 410 W x 470 D (mm)
Dry Weight
40 Kg
Input Power Supply
100-240 VAC ±10%,50-60 Hz
System Voltage
24V DC
221 VA
5 Amp
Noise Level
< 50 dBA