Simple Operation

Simple and Flexible Operation

Clear icon touch screen display

  • Intuitive Graphic User Interface provides you access to all the information on screen, from running status to water quality; from purification capability to water usage record. This unique feature simplifies all operations into a few finger touches. Nothing to learn, use your instinct.

Single/Multi-User Scenario

  • Forget about notes and pencils, the password protected access provides for multiple users to operate the same system with independent log entry and automatic records are made. Switch between single/multi-user modes dependent on your scenario. Account management can be no easier.


Multiple Dispensing Options

  • Precision Dispensing for small volume less than 2ml, no calibrated flasks required for dispensing by manual operations(eyes and hands free).

  • Repetitive Dispensing..Quantities can be arbitrarily set in ml units, and the “ Aquadispense™”   remembers multiple groups of commonly used water quantities. So you can rapidly access multiple bottles of the same volume of water, saving you from the repetitive work .Quick and Efficient.

  • Large Volume Dispensing..utomatically dispensed saving you down time.

Portable UPW Tank Dispensing

  • Solves the problem of a separate dispensing device which creates the risk of contamination from pipelines and distance limitations. Especially suitable for multi-laboratory usage.

  • Portable ultra-pure water tank with patented hydrophobic multi-media breathing device to prevent particles, bacteria and volatile organic gas pollution to ensure the purity of water during your operations.

  • Ergonomic Handle, easy to move and freedom to put tank where required.

Pre- Booking Dispensing Mode

  • Pre-set dispensing time, the next day you can obtain fresh ultrapure water at the exact time you require. No down time.

Cleaning and Flushing mode

  • Separate from the dispensing port, there is a designated outlet for quick cleaning and flushing of all types of laboratory glassware.