Integrated process

Low Procurement and Running Cost

Unique DP-RO Reverse Osmosis Technology

  • The patented DP-RO technology is capable of intercepting more than 99.5% of contamination and coping with the different feed water variations. By ensuring production of reliable ISO Grade III water from tap water with conductivity lower than 1000μS/cm. DP-RO technology greatly improves the procurement and operating cost compared with EDI technology in Lab water systems, and allows the extension of the system’s endurance to adapt the quality variations from city water sources.

Multifunctional Purification Honeycomb Module

  • The integrated structural design, gives the smallest volume to provide more purification capacity than traditional individual structural design, effectively reducing the frequency of replacement of supplies and running costs.

  • Different functional modules can be freely fixed according to the different needs of use, easily adapted to meet all your applications without procuring additional equipment, allowing you more freedom with your research budget.

Intermediate Expandable Water Tank

  • The intermediate tank system allows you to arrange your purified water storage time to fit your usage variation and minimize the risk of microbial breeding, to further reduce the frequency of disinfection and maintenance。Solves the stagnant water problem created by the selection of the tank size by large volume usage which may occur.