Easy maintenance

Easy and Simple Maintenance

Intelligent Supplies Management

  • Unique Methodology: Instead of the conventional calendar days counting method. AICWATER created a methodology based on our comprehensive monitoring and self-diagnosis technology to replace the supplies by their purification status.

  • Patented “ Smart Angel®” informs you ahead of time according to the status of different supplies and warning you three times. Enables you to schedule supplies in time.

  • You are allowed to inquire about the life of different supplies directly through the UI in the touch panel.

  • Personalize and customize your replacement schedule by retrieving your running data analysis from AIC WATER professional engineers at our cloud service centre.

Preventive Maintenance by Timely Cloud Services

  • Now you can focus more on your work! Just upload your data to our cloud services center, and our well-trained and certified engineers will go through the data for regular inspection and analysis. Meanwhile providing you with the most proactive preventive maintenance advice and solutions to free you from the routine maintenance but still keeping quality compliance.

Comprehensive and Effective Disinfection

  • “ P.I.M™ ” technology achieves the feasibility to carry out the full system disinfection through the complete pipe work, from inlet to outlet, eliminating the risk from incomplete disinfection.

  • Intelligent Disinfection Process.“ Smart Angel ® ” intelligent guidance and control, ensures that each disinfection step is completed in place. Solve the risk of manual and partial disinfection practice.